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How did it start?

The  DREAMER crib  was designed by a  furniture workshop employee  who, together with his wife who is a physiotherapist, were in happy expectation  of their daughter Sophie.

Sandra, Sophie's mother, knew from experience how important it is to take care of the babies from the first day of their lives  to stimulate  by means of  rocking movements (even in mom's tummy).

She wanted for their daughter  the very best. Sandra told her husband which  movements are ideal for babies  and he developed a new  project in his head.  

Something completely  different!

The parents-to-be wanted something different. Everyone knows cribs that swing right and left. These are good too, but for them it wasn't enough. Their crib had to and would  also move back and forth. This is how this beautiful cradle was created...

The mission - to stimulate development of the world's babies

She didn't want to keep this fantastic product just for herself. This invention helps the parents and the  babies in different countries during  the first months of their  life and  promotes  their development.

"Bee  designing  from the cradle, we always wanted the whole world to know it. It is no  just   furniture. It is a bed, which ensures the best development of the baby, safety and close contact with the parents and  it's the most important thing."

Other DREAMER . products

The crib soon turned out to be a huge success  and later new products were designed, such as DREAMER Simple - a simple version of the bassinet or a conversion kit to a table with chair (zero-waste).

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